About Us

In the summer of 2015, my 3-year-old daughter made a statement insinuating that she did not like the way she looked. I was devastated to hear that. I vowed that for her upcoming birthday, I would purchase party supplies featuring characters resembling her. I searched everywhere and quickly realized that the options were insufficient. This experience prompted me to create party supplies for her birthday party. She was thrilled to see what mommy had made for her. That’s how KIESSE, LLC was born in September 2015.

Kiesse (pronounced Kee-Cee) means joy in Lingala, a central African language. Our slogan, “Joyful Kids, Embracing Diversity,” reflects the core belief of our company. We aim at boosting the self-esteem of all children regardless of their ethnicity. In fact, we embrace all children because we believe that they are beautifully and perfectly made, and should not have to endure a low esteem or feel denigrated because of their physical features.

Consequently, we have developed a line of birthday party supplies for girls and boys, which feature unique characters. We have developed themes to include African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, and Asian characters. Children can identify with these lovely characters while having fun and socializing with their peers.
We have developed a few exclusive themes to fit your children’s imagination. We also intend on creating story books with our characters residing in a city called Kiesseville where they all interact, learn from one another’s experience, contribute by sharing their culture, and learn to accept each other differences.
We look forward to serving your children’s needs for many years to come. As you browse our site, feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email with your feedback and suggestion concerning our party supplies. We’ll work tirelessly until all children feel comfortable in their skin and are convinced of their priceless value.

We want KIESSE, LLC's party supplies to be associated with inclusive diversity. Through our current and upcoming products, our mission is to encourage children to be proud of their heritage and promote self-love, unity, and acceptance of all cultures. We believe that by training and educating children at a young age about the plurality of people, they will continue to respect all mankind as they transition to adulthood.

We are committed to the children we reach by offering the best quality in party supplies available. We are all ears and are here to serve you.

Linda Kiedi